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About us


Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. wasfounded in  2002 with the registered capital of 69.48 million yuan. It isthe leading textile manufacturer of spinning machine and weaving machine. It isthe holding company of Shandong Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd and Anhui RifaTextile Machinery Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Tech Co., Ltd

     Inthe past 14 years, four systems including twisting, spinning, weaving andknitting, six series including twister, rotor spinning machine, circularknitting machine, compact spinning machine, jet loom and gripper loom etc. havebeen developed. Market of cotton spinning, wool spinning, silk spinning, ramiespinning and mixed spinning is involved. The products are sold all over Chinaand even the whole world. Economic benefit of the company has been thetops in textile machinery industry of China for many years successively and thecomprehensive competitive strength has been ranking top.


    RifaCompany has been devoted to creating new "digital sci-tech" theory,to establishing an interacting platform of "people, material andinformation" and to realizing harmony and unity of sci-tech, environmentand manufacture. We will be marching forward towards the object of building ourcompany into an informational International machinery manufacture base withrapid reaction.



buildthe company into the manufacturing base of shuttleless looms in the world


ShandongRifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang RifaTextile Machinery Co., Ltd. The company is one of the earliest manufacturers ofshuttleless looms in China, being dedicated to the manufacture of various typesof shuttleless looms complying with international standards; with 20 years ofexperience of specializing in the area, the company has grown into a major R& D and manufacturing base of shuttleless looms in our country. 


Ourleading products such as air-jet looms, rapier looms, and towels looms havereached the international advanced levels, and the independently researched anddeveloped new products have won more than 20 provincial and municipal awardsfor scientific and technological progresses.


High lever R& D and manufacturing base of spinning and twister machine


AnhuiRifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of Zhejiang RifaTextile Machinery Co., Ltd. The company was found in 2013 with the registeredcapital of 50 million yuan. It is located in industrial transfer demonstrationregion, Ma’AnShan city, Anhui province. The first phase of project was finishedon 2015 and started to put into production.



27th,Feb 2016, Foundation stone laying ceremony for Rifa intelligent textileindustrial park was held successfully. The total investment is 600 million witharea of structure 143738㎡. A land area of 215.6 mu to buildintelligent textile machinery workshop 1#, 2# and R & D building for firstphase of project.