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Customer service

Customer service policy of Rifa Textile Machinery Company

With the tenet of "clients first”, Rifa Company has specially established the customer service center as well as a sound service system of pre-salse, in-sales and after-sales. 

I. Pre-sales services

We have senior technical personnel with rich experience in design, application and maintenance of equipment design to provide technical consultation to and make technology exchanges with the clients. Conceptual design of corollary equipment etc. is offered so that the clients can make proper product positioning.

II. In-sales services

1. Offering free training for clients on equipment application and maintenance to ensure that the clients can make proper operation of the equipment and give full play to the optimal performance. 

2. Offering free equipment installation and debugging for clients.

III. After-sales services

1. After-sales service working group is specially established. After-sales service is taken charge of by specially assigned personnel. 

2. Establishing recordings for clients so that daily maintenance and monthly training plan can be worked out through consulting these recordings. 

3. Specially assigned personnel provides technological support to clients through special service line, offering instant technological consultation on fault clearance etc. 

4. Providing free technological design and new product development services to clients. 

5. Three 24-hour policies: All the sales representatives and personnel of technological service center must keep the mobile on 24 hours everyday in order to receive consultation and complaint of clients at home and abroad at any time. Response must be made to clients within 8 hours after the complaint is received and solutions must be provided within 24 hours. If services need to be provided on the spot, relevant personnel must arrived at the spot within 24 hours (exclusive of the time on the way) and manage to reduce loss of the clients as much as possible. 6. Within in one-year period of guarantee, free replacement and maintenance services should be provided to quality faults caused by design, technology and manufacture (exclusive of wearing parts).

7. For losses caused by misapplication or mal-operation, our company provides paid services. 

IV. Visiting clients regularly and casually. 

1. The technical service center pays regular visits to domestic clients twice a year to find out the working conditions of Rifa brand equipment in daily application and provide technical instructions to clients. 

2. Technical exchanges are made with clients overseas through agents or via Internet. Casual visits are also paid to foreign clients.

Introduction to on-spot service process

1. Before on-spot services are provided, contact should be made with principals on part of the clients in charge of equipment application and management through telephone or fax to learn about the equipment application conditions and the technical service requirements and to ask the clients to do relevant preparations. 

2. After arriving at the spot, technical personnel should meet the principal as early as possible, ask the client to arrange relevant personnel to give introduction about equipment operation and discuss about cause of the fault. 

3. If the clients consider that there are differences among sets of equipment, agreement on “personnel, materials, operation and environment” must be realized before comparison is made. 

4. If the clients adopts raw materials and technology unfit for equipment requirements made by our company or presents higher requirements, standard raw materials and technology must be applied to achieve standard requirements. 

5. Conclusion of technical services: It’s up to signature of the client, which is for approval of the service quality.